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by Kayla Livingston on September 25, 2018
Tags: Adult (83), nonfiction (41)

Enjoy the mix of knowledge and storytelling with these great non-fiction reads.

Command and Control: nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safety by Eric Schlosser
Command and Control gives us a break down of what happened during the Damascus Accident in 1980. Alongside this tale of the Damascus Accident Schlosser also opens the reader’s eye to other ‘near miss' nuclear incidents in America. How many times has the United States come close to nuclear disaster?

The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard Evans
In this tale by Richard J. Evans we get a linear approach to the rise of the Third Reich and Hitler’s moves towards power. We learn how Germany changed from a democracy to dictatorship in just six years.

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Ta-Nehisi Coates pulls the reader in by framing the narrative as a letter to his son. However as the book goes on you realize that this letter is also for you. Coates’ book speaks of the author’s experiences of being black in the United States.


Ghosts of the Tsunami: death and life in Japan's disaster zone by Richard Lloyd Parry 
Richard Lloyd Parry lived through the earthquake on March 11, 2011 and after that he spent six years reporting from the disaster zone. Read the intimate accounts from those who lived through the event and how their lives were forever changed by the Tsunami.


I Work at a Public Library a collection of crazy stories from the stacks by Gina Sheridan
Enjoy some silly stories from librarians about their job. Can you relate? See if you have what it takes to be a librarian.