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thumbnail Favorite Films of 2017

by Ina Margulis on December 28, 2017
Tags: Adult (84), movies (12)

As winter settles in we are looking more and more for good “escapes” in the comfort of our homes. Here are some of my favorite movies of 2017 that you can find on our library shelves :

Land of Mine
The movie takes place in post WWII Denmark where  a group of teenage German POWs are assigned the difficult job of clearing the Danish beach of mines left by the German army. They are supervised by a Danish Sergeant who in time learns to see them as the young men that they are. The Sergeant is a complex character  who is moody, bitter, and angry but in the end we discover he has not lost his humanity. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language movie at the Oscars in 2017.

The Big Sick
This is a new rom-com movie about 2 young people from Chicago who come from different cultures (Pakistani and American). While the parents are pushing them towards a traditional life that is familiar to them, the young people fall in love and try  to figure out what is most important to themselves . The movie uses humor and charming characters in an effort to entertain young and old.

Wind River
This is a suspenseful crime drama starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen  (as a US Fish and Wildlife tracker and a FBI agent). They are attempting to solve the murder of a young woman on an Indian Reservation in Wyoming. It is an engrossing story that takes us inside the Native American culture and shows us their world and souls. Great performances.