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thumbnail Picture Books Galore!

by Valerie Morris on January 22, 2019
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The Whitefish Bay Public Library’s Youth Services department has completed the reorganization of the picture books by subject! We started this project at the end of July 2018 and have finished this month after reading and reviewing thousands of books and making thousands of decisions on the best place for our patrons to find the books they need and want! We are excited for our patrons to browse our picture book collection and read new discoveries.

With discovery in mind and so many new picture books arriving at the library, I would like to highlight a few that have caught my attention. They represent the wonderful range of diversity we are seeing in picture books today! Discover these new picture books!

Crescent Moons & Pointed Minarets – Hena Khan (XP A SHAP KHAN)

This beautifully illustrated book about shapes is a companion to the author’s book of colors entitled Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns. Young readers are introduced to new shapes and patterns that are vital to Islamic art and architecture while discovering aspects of the religion. Author’s note and glossary of terms are included.


Dreamers – Yuyi Morales (XP H READ YUYI)

Dreamers is the author’s journey from Mexico to the United States as a young mother and immigrant. Morales and her two-year-old son, Kelly, learn to navigate their new home and discover an amazing place. The library! Together they read all the books they can and dream of all the possibilities! There is an inspiring “my story” at the end from the author as well as a list of all the books and picture books that inspired her. Take a close look at the books in the illustrations and you will find the books in Morales list!


Festival of Colors – Kabir Sehgal (XP I HIND SEHG)

Seghal’s book is a celebration of colors and an introduction to the Indian festival of Holi. Holi occurs in spring when nature comes alive with fresh colors and symbolizes new beginnings. The book shares how the family makes the colored powders from flower petals and then joins the community to share all the colors.


First Laugh: Welcome, Baby – Rose Tahe (Dine) (XP J NEWB TAHE)

First Laugh is a wonderful celebration of the new baby. The adoring family waits patiently for the baby to express the first laugh, an important milestone in the Dine (Navajo) culture. Who will make the baby laugh? The whole family tries to be the first. The First Laugh Celebration is the Dine tradition of welcoming the baby into the family and the clan. The first person to make the baby laugh is the person who hosts the First Laugh ceremony! The book includes some Dine vocabulary, author’s and illustrator’s notes, and information on other “welcoming” ceremonies around the world.


Julian is a Mermaid – Jessica Love (XP J SELF LOVE)

Julian is on the subway train with his grandmother when he sees some women dressed as mermaids. He loves their brightly-colored costumes and daydreams of becoming a mermaid himself. With the help of his grandmother, Julian dresses up as a mermaid and is so happy. This book celebrates individuality and acceptance.


Mommy’s Khimar – Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow (XP J DRES THOM)

In this book a young Muslim girl dresses up in her mother’s khimar, a traditional head scarf. As the girl wears the many colorful scarves she senses the love of her mother and longs for the day she is old enough to wear a khimar of her own and to celebrate her faith.