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thumbnail Why Kids Should Learn Coding

by Valerie Morris on April 27, 2017
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What is the hullaballoo about coding? For a start, learning about coding and computer science is all about building life skills like logical thinking, problem solving, computational thinking (the ability to break down a large task into smaller manageable tasks) and creativity. As of right now, 71% of all new jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are in computing and coding skills are needed in all industries.  Programming is the fastest growing occupation. Our daily life is filled with code, we are consumers of code, from our telephones, televisions, all of our apps and websites and so much more. Learning to code allows kids to build skills to ready them for the future no matter what occupation they choose.


Coding Games in Scratch (X 005.133 W886)
Learning Scratch is a great place to start coding. It is basic block style coding that anyone can do.

Help Your Kids with Computer Coding (005.133 H483)
This visual guide book is for the grownups to help your kids understand the basics of computer coding. The book introduces Scratch and Python.

JavaScript for Kids (X 005.133 M849)
Once your child has mastered block coding, JavaScript is a next step for learning text coding.

Learn to Program with Scratch (X 005.133 M344)
Again Scratch is an easy-to-understand way to begin a foray into coding.

Python for Kids (X 055.133 B854)
Python is another programming language that uses text coding for advanced learning.

Ruby Wizardry (X 005.133 W424)
Ruby is another text-based coding language for those kids who have progressed past Scratch and other block coding applications.



Scratch: . This free website is a great place to try coding with basic block-style coding. Recommended for kids aged 8-16. For the younger ones, ages 5-7, the free app ScratchJr is a good place to begin. This free website has an abundance of resources and covers multiple age groups. Kids can use the self-guided tutorials.

Made w/ Code: This girl-centered free website also uses block coding and allows girls to see what they can make and do through coding. The site offers lots of fun projects geared toward teen girls.