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Mission and Guiding Principles


"The Whitefish Bay Public Library, as a cornerstone of the community, is dedicated to connecting all people, inspiring a love of learning and providing access to ideas, information and resources."

Guiding Principles:

The Whitefish Bay Library relies on a set of core principles to guide us in our pursuit of our mission and vision. These principles define what we value, guide how we act, and inform the decisions that we make, now and in the future.




We will:

  • Provide a welcoming place for all who enter
  • Interconnect and engage our community
  • Be flexible, creative and forward-looking
  • Support an informed public
  • Offer an exceptional workplace
  • Follow a thoughtful and measurable approach

Provide a welcoming place for all who enter

  • Offer a well-maintained, hospitable space with a warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Deliver superior service to all patrons
  • Employ well-qualified, professional staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable
  • Involve patrons in their library by encouraging input on services, programming, materials and hours

Interconnect and engage our community

  • Connect people for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Enrich the lives of community members and promote a lifelong love of learning through creative, cultural, entertaining and informational materials and programs across all ages
  • Establish partnerships with other organizations for programs, ideas and resources

Be flexible, creative and forward-looking

  • Adapt to and be respectful of the diverse needs and interests of the Whitefish Bay community
  • Strive for innovative thinking and effective solutions to current and future challenges
  • Embrace those trends that enhance the lives of our patrons and the services provided to them

Support an informed public

  • Create a neutral environment that enables the gathering of information
  • Assemble a balanced collection that comprises multiple sources, classical and contemporary material, and presents a variety of viewpoints
  • Ensure easy access to all materials

Offer an exceptional workplace

  • Define clear and reasonable expectations for staff performance
  • Foster a collaborative work environment
  • Welcome creativity and encourage initiative

Follow a thoughtful and measurable approach

  • Focus on attainable goals that yield positive results
  • Be a responsible steward of the resources of the Village of Whitefish Bay
  • Seek outside funding, as required, to execute our vision for the future