Loan Rules and Fines

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Library card requirement

A patron MUST present a valid library card in order to checkout any library materials. If a registered patron does not have his/her library card, the library will do one of the following:

1. Accept an alternative form of ID to manually look up the patron’s record;
2. Hold the patron’s materials through the end of the day until the patron returns with a valid library card or an alternative ID.

A patron may pick up material on hold for another family member ONLY IF the card affiliated with the hold is presented. A patron may not check out materials on hold for other family members on his/her own card.

Library holds and retrieval
The library holds items requested by patrons for a 5 day period. If a patron does not retrieve a requested item, a fee will be imposed on the patron’s record for each item not retrieved.

Loan periods
Following are the loan periods for WFB materials:
Adult nonfiction books 3 weeks
Adult fiction not new 3 weeks
Children’s books 3 weeks
Children’s magazines 3 weeks
Audio books 3 weeks
Book & tape kits 3 weeks
New adult fiction and Hot Read books 14 days
Rental books/media 7 days
Magazines 7 days
CDs 3 Weeks
Videos 7 days
DVDs 7 days

All renewable items may be renewed or transferred to another family member two times if the item has no hold. Patrons may renew items at the Library, or online at by following the links. Overdue materials may be renewed and fines will be applied to the patron’s record.

Overdue fines
All WFB materials, excluding rental materials, have a 3-day grace period. If an item is returned after this grace period, a fine will be assessed beginning with the first day the item was overdue.

The maximum fine for any item is $5.00. A patron with overdue fines or fees amounting to $5.00 or more will be blocked from checking out library materials at any Milwaukee County Library.

Senior Circulation – 65 years and over
Seniors whose residence is the City of Milwaukee or Whitefish Bay, will receive a 21- day* grace period for the following items:
MPL & WFB 3-week adult and children’s books
WFB 3-week book & tape kits
*Note this is a grace period, not an extended circulation period. If an item is returned after this grace period, a fine will be assessed beginning with the first day the item was overdue.

Lost and Damaged Materials

Patrons MAY NOT purchase materials to replace those lost or damaged; they are responsible for the damage fee or replacement cost determined by library staff. A patron who loses library material shall be responsible for the original recorded cost of the item and a processing fee in order to clear the library record. Library staff shall issue a receipt to the patron indicating the amount of the replacement cost received. If an item is found within 10 days after the replacement cost was paid, a patron may return the item to the library for a refund, minus any overdue fines and the processing fee. The patron must present the receipt showing payment of the replacement cost. Upon receipt of refund, the patron shall sign the library receipt indicating the refund was received.

A patron who returns damaged library material shall be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the item. Library staff determines damage costs based on the amount and type of damage the item has received.

Whitefish Bay Public Library Loans Rules and Fines Policy Approved by the Whitefish Bay Library Board of Trustees March 14, 2006. Revised and approved by the Whitefish Bay Library Board of Trustees April 16, 2013