Patron Registration

Residents of Milwaukee County whose home libraries have signed the Member Agreement may receive a Milwaukee County Federated Library System (MCFLS) card at the Whitefish Bay Public Library. Restrictions and requirements are usually uniform with other MCFLS member libraries. Exceptions to the MCFLS guidelines and local restrictions are made at the approval of the Library Director.

Registration -- Adult

  • Patron must present photo identification and documentation with a current address. A patron who has no photo identification must present two documents with a current address.
  • Registration cards must be filled out and signed at the library. An exception may be made with the Library Director’s approval.
  • Patrons 65 years and older qualify for senior status. See the Circulation policy for details.

Registration -- Minor

  • Registration of a minor under 16 years of age requires the signature of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the materials borrowed on that card, including any fines or fees incurred.

Registration Renewal
Patron registration expires every two years, at which time patrons must present identification with a current address to update the patron record.

Lost cards
Patrons having to replace a lost or stolen card will be assessed a fee. Patrons are responsible for alerting the Library of a card that has been lost or stolen.

Fee Cards
Whitefish Bay Public Library fee cards are available to those residents whose home libraries are not a member of MCFLS. The charge for a fee card is $50.00 per year. Payment must be made prior to the card being issued and may be in the form of a personal check, corporate check or cash. Fee cards are limited for use at the Whitefish Bay Public Library for Whitefish Bay Public Library materials ONLY. Fee cardholders are governed by the restrictions and regulations of the issuing library. These are in accordance with the restrictions and regulations agreed to by MCFLS. Fee cardholders may place holds on WFB materials only.

Whitefish Bay Public Library Patron Registration Policy Approved by the Whitefish Bay Library Board of Trustees March 14, 2006. Revised and approved by the Whitefish Bay Library Board of Trustees May 21, 2013.