Public Information Spaces

The Whitefish Bay Public Library (WFBPL) offers several public display spaces, including the bulletin board in the vestibule, the slots in the lobby and the free flyer shelves in the adult services area. These spaces are available for community members to post announcements and information, about events of interest to the Whitefish Bay community, to satisfy the educational, professional and recreational needs of the citizens. The Library gives priority to notices for programs and events that promote literacy, books and reading. Other types of events appropriate for posting include concerts, cultural events, lectures and workshops. Preference will be given to local events and announcements. 

Submission and Approval of Postings
1. All materials to be posted must be approved by the Adult Reference librarian on duty; the Library Director has final discretion on posting materials. 

2. All posted materials shall be marked with the date of posting and staff initials to indicate approval for posting. 

Allowable Postings
1. Priority will be given to announcements and publications from the Whitefish Bay Public Library and Friends of Whitefish Bay Public Library.
2. Based on available space, the Library will give preference to materials that originate from local community organizations and clubs, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations which announce events occurring within 30 days.
3. Postings will be of a suitable size of 11” x 17” or smaller. In the case of handouts, a maximum quantity of fifteen is allowed. 

Prohibited Postings
1. Campaign materials or partisan political material
2. Materials promoting commercial activities or materials resulting in personal gain
3. Items for sale or services
4. Petitions
5. Personal interest notices (ex. Job seeking)
6. Surveys 

Removal of Postings
1. Items that become dated will be removed from display and will be disposed of as deemed appropriate. 
     a. Materials announcing meetings or performances with specific dates will be removed after the listed date.

     b. The maximum length public materials may be displayed is 30 days, to allow room for new materials, unless there is space available. 

     c. Items directly concerned with the library will be displayed as long as appropriate. 

2. Materials without approval from the Library will be discarded.

General Guidelines
Due to limited space, all qualified items might not be displayed. If any items cannot be displayed because of space, the items received first will be displayed. 

The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted or placed for free distribution. The Library is not responsible for returning materials that have been posted or displayed. 

Posting of a notice does not imply endorsement by the Library staff or the Library Board.

Approved by WFBPL Board of Trustees on October 26, 2021