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Author Thomas Galten

Thu, May 31st

6:30 pm

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02/12/2018 - 05/31/2018

About the book:  We are witnessing in our day a shift occurring in the consciousness of a relatively large portion of humanity. The shift itself is nothing new and has been happening occasionally, here or there, in this human form or that, for thousands of years of recorded history.

But what was once rare and isolated is now happening, as spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle has estimated, in and by between 10 and 20% of the population of North America. In short, awakening – as the process is sometimes called - has entered the mainstream.

While there are some things which we can’t know or answer about the spiritual transformation of consciousness, one thing seems obvious and central about it:  Awakening implies a significant change in one’s understanding of one’s own identity. The main thrust, in other words, of spiritual awakening is the timeless and formless Self’s own search for Itself.  This search – present in all humans but unrecognized in the vast majority – is of the very essence of the purpose of the human species. And, as realization proceeds in an individual, the Self (or Consciousness, Ground of Being, God or any number of other terms sometimes used to refer to it) comes to know Itself directly while the separate ego self comes simultaneously to be understood as an illusory and temporary role without ultimate reality. To put it another way, I come to know myself as the One Self and thus transcend ego.

Enlightenment is Not an Ego Project principally represents a description of the process of spiritual awakening and pays particular attention to the emotional suffering which almost inevitably accompanies this awakening.   Moreover, the book blends the personal with the spiritual in a way that makes liberation of consciousness a present and entirely potential reality for anyone, rather than, as it so often is viewed, a rarefied and highly unusual experience enjoyed by only the most eccentric or holy sages.

This book has thus been written mainly for spiritual seekers and for those readers interested in personal growth, in general.

About the author:Transformation of consciousness began in Thomas Galten (by profession a psychotherapist and college instructor) by way of recovery from alcoholism, a compulsive condition which Tom has since come to regard as a bellwether, as are all compulsions, for deep-level inner shifts.

Since the arrival of this new dimension of awareness, Tom has studied a wide variety of religions, psychologies and philosophies, research which has strongly influenced his practice of psychotherapy and teaching, professions for which he is formally trained and which he continues to practice.

But it is his own inwardly experienced and ongoing renewal, begun in acute suffering and enriched by his exploration of the mysticism which appears in many settings, guises and disciplines, that continues to fascinate and engage him.  It also inspires him to pass on to others, through both the written and spoken word, the esoteric knowledge that has been given to him.               

Thomas Galten lives in Whitefish Bay with his wife and daughter.