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Our Events · Whitefish Bay TALKS: The Joys of Challah




Whitefish Bay TALKS: The Joys of Challah

Tue, Jan 24th

6:30 pm

Registration is open from:
12/14/2022 - 01/24/2023

Experience the joys of challah! Twist, knead, shape, and form your own delicious challah bread, and learn the modern meaning to this thousands year old tradition! A fun, interactive, and tasty workshop for all ages. 

Each participant will braid and shape their own challah bread that they then will take home to bake and enjoy!

About the presenter: Mushka Lein has been baking challah weekly for fifteen years. She do-directs Chabad of the East Side, a local Jewish community center that focuses on bringing meaning and joy to the community. Mushka hosts Shabbat dinners where challah features prominently on the menu each week.