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Our Events · Core Retirement Decisions in the Fragile Decade




Core Retirement Decisions in the Fragile Decade

Thu, Sep 21st

6:30 pm

Registration is open from:
08/22/2023 - 09/21/2023

Join Whitefish Bay resident Christine Kopecky.
As an advisor with the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation, Christine advises on building a comprehensive retirement plans that address income needs and core decisions such as:

  • Choosing your optimal retirement age
  • Planning for the risks faced in retirement like the uncertainties of life expectancy, inflation, health status, and investment climate
  • Making claiming decisions that maximize Social Security benefits
  • Obtaining health insurance coverage to supplement Medicare or provide coverage prior to Medicare eligibility
  • Preparing for late-life needs including long- term care, and other needs due to physical and mental decline
  • Considering ways to improve a plan through taking advantage of tax savings plans and other tax considerations

Workshop will include discussions on:  Social Security timing / Income planning / Taxation in retirement / Medicare / Long Term Care planning