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by Laura Reilly on October 14, 2021
Tags: Adult (89), nonfiction (43), book club (13), food (5)

Getting tired of your same old book club? Why not try spicing it up (literally!) with some food? For a creative twist at your next book club meeting try adding some of the food and drinks that come from the setting of your novel. For example, if you are reading a book that takes place in Greece, why not add some Greek foods and wines to enjoy while discussing your book?  Try making Spanakopita and Moussaka and pair it with a Greek Retsina wine, add a little Greek music and you just might feel like you’ve stepped onto the mainland in Greece. If you’re reading a book that’s a little closer to home, try to find regional dishes from that area. If you do a little research on the location, you’re sure to come up with some tasty treats. The Food Network has The United Plates of America post which lists a dish unique to each state, also see their States’ Plates for more recipes by state. Some interesting finds are- Toasted Ravioli from Missouri, She-Crab Soup from South Caroline and Hot Brown from Kentucky. Also, check out the Food Network Magazine available at the WFB library for even more recipe ideas. If you need additional help coming up with recipes inspired by your book’s location, we have a large cookbook section with interesting recipe ideas for different countries as well as different regions in the U.S. If you find it too intimidating (or time-consuming!) to prepare all the local dishes yourself, try splitting up the dishes among the book club members, that way everyone gets to experience a bit of local cooking. One option is to have the host prepare a main dish based on the book’s location with the guests bringing the side dishes and drinks from that state or country. And, of course, don’t forget the dessert!

Here are some popular Book Club books with interesting locations:

The Guest List takes place in Ireland-try My Irish Table

Vanishing Half takes place in the South-try Magnolia Table

The Night Tiger in Malaysia- try Malaysian Kitchen Cookbook

Circe set in Greece-try Cooking the Greek Way

Hamnet set in England-try The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook