4 Audiobooks Perfect for a Road Trip

by Emma Fisher on Mar 29, 2018

Driving somewhere for spring break? Try one of these great audiobooks!

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Pride and Prejudice Reboots

by Emma Fisher on Jan 31, 2018

Jane Austen’s charming comedies of manners have delighted and entertained us since the 19th century. Since the publication of Pride and Prejudice in 1813, countless retellings and reimagined versions of the novel have been written. It seems like we just can’t get enough of the story of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet. Here are some recent adaptations of everyone’s favorite regency romance.

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by Emma Fisher on Nov 18, 2017

Memoirs have a way of grabbing you (and staying with you afterwards) because they are real stories told by real people. These recently published autobiographies are funny, touching, and fascinating- and all of them are totally engrossing.

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